Leftover Smoked Turkey Recipes (20+ Great Ideas)

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These delicious leftover smoked turkey recipes are a great way to continue the smoky flavor that you enjoyed at Thanksgiving dinner. Some may say that Thanksgiving leftovers are actually better than the holiday dinner itself. Once you see all of these creative ways to use up the leftover meat I’m sure you will agree. 

Leftover Smoked Turkey Recipes (20+ Great Ideas)

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Delicious Leftover Turkey Recipes

You have to admit that leftovers are the best parts of the holiday, at least when it comes to the food part. These leftover recipes are all delicious ways to capture the amazing flavor of your smoked turkey and repeat it in leftover meals. Whether you are looking for a big meal like a casserole or a small dish like a sandwich, you are in the right place. What is the best leftover turkey recipe in your home? 

Make sure to check out our step by step process for How to Smoke a Turkey. Most of these recipes can be made with smoked turkey, regular turkey, and often even rotisserie chicken. So mix things up and enjoy. 

Leftover Smoked Turkey Recipes

Enjoy your turkey leftovers the next day with our favorite leftover turkey recipes.

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