30+ Delicious and Creamy Ricotta Pasta Recipes

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This collection of ricotta pasta recipes is perfect for easy weeknight dinners. When you love ricotta cheese and need an easy pasta recipe you will have an abundance of options with these recipes all made with creamy ricotta cheese. 

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Pasta with Fresh Creamy Ricotta Cheese

We make our own fresh ricotta from scratch with only three simple ingredients. You can find our easy whole milk ricotta recipe here: homemade Ricotta recipe. Ricotta cheese can be enjoyed alone on a piece of bread, on pizza, or in a wide variety of pasta dishes. 

homemade ricotta cheese recipe

Whether you use homemade ricotta or store-bought you will find so many delicious recipes here. Make sure to check them all out. 

30+ Delicious and Creamy Ricotta Pasta Recipes

These ricotta pasta recipes are perfect for easy weeknight dinners. Each of these pasta dishes is made with creamy ricotta cheese.

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