Hans Grill Pizza Stone for Grilling Delicious Pizzas

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The Hans grill pizza stone makes the best crispy pizza. When you start with an amazing pizza base of homemade dough and sauce you can make better pizza than what you’d find at the local Italian pizzeria. 

This pizza stone is great for making any of our artisan pizza recipes.

how to make the best pizza

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What You Need to Make the Ultimate Pizza

You will need the obvious pizza-making ingredients: homemade pizza dough, pizza tomato sauce, and your favorite delicious toppings. Then you will also need the Hans Grill Baking Stone and the wooden pizza peel board that comes with it.

​Of all ceramic pizza stones, this is the best pizza stone. It makes perfect pizza with crispy golden crusts. 

wooden pizza paddle and homemade dough

How to Prep the Hans Grill Pizza Stone

Whether you are using a charcoal grill or gas grill start up the grill and let it warm up to a high temperature. While the grill is heating you will place the Hans pizza stone on the grill to preheat with the grill. 

Hans Grill Pizza Stone rectangle

Prepare Your Italian Style Pizza

While the grill and Hans grill pizza stone are heating up go ahead and prep your pizza. Start by placing a dough ball on a lightly floured surface. We are using our homemade artisan pizza dough recipe

stretch homemade pizza dough

Stretch the dough out and press the edges out to form a crust. 

form crust with pizza dough

Then continue to stretch the dough using the back of your hands while turning the dough gently before placing it down on the wooden peel.

stretch dough

Cooking Pizzeria Quality Pizzas with Hans Grill Pizza Stone

Add the cheese, sauce, and any toppings that you’d like. Then place the pizza onto the preheated baking stone on the grill. We are also using our homemade pizza sauce recipe.

pizza on pizza stone in bbq grill

Immediately close the grill to allow the pizza to cook. Leave the grill closed for about 5 minutes. Then check on the pizza.

weber grill

Use a pizza peel to gently lift the pizza crust and inspect the underside of the pizza. Make sure that the crust is cooked and not burnt.

For the perfect crispy crust leave the pizza on the grill for anywhere between 5-7 minutes. For a crisper crust, you may need an additional minute or two. But make sure to keep an eye on the pizza to prevent burning. 

There are no soggy bottoms when your pizza stone cooks the pizza base from underneath just like a pizza oven does.

underside of pizza

Use the wooden pizza paddle or an aluminum pizza peel to remove the pizza from the Hans grill pizza stone. 

pizza made on pizza stone

Grab your pizza slicer and make the first cut.

perfect pizza with Hans Grill Pizza baking Stone

The crispy crust is perfect.

crispy pizza crust

Making Pizzas

True pizza people know that there is more than one way to make a pizza. Whether you prefer plain Margherita pizza, pepperoni, or mushroom. The cooking process is always the same and the end result will always be amazing Italian restaurant style pizza without having to leave the comfort of your home.  

Making a traditional plain pizza? Watch the bubbly cheese melt to perfection. 

cooking pizza on the grill

Feeling creative? Even a pickle pizza comes out amazing. Simply prep the pizza as you would for any pizza oven and place it on the stone. 

A quick 5-7 minutes later your pizza is ready and perfect.

The extreme heat of the grill and the Hans pizza oven cheat code using their naturally formulated rectangular cordierite pizza stone creates the perfect pizza every time. 

If you are interested in more pizza making methods, make sure to checkout How to Make an Authentic Margherita Pizza using an outdoor pizza oven.

Taking Care of the Hans Grill Baking Stone

The Hans baking stone isn’t designed to be thoroughly cleaned. Simply rinse and wipe with a little water. The porous cordierite stone material absorbs oils over time, and as the stone ages the taste matures. Embrace the stains on the pizza stone because a clean pizza stone means you aren’t using it enough. 

how to make pizzaria style pizza at home


Can I use this pizza stone in the oven in my kitchen?

Yes, you can use this on a charcoal grill, gas grill, and in your home oven. 

Where can I get a Hans Pizza Stone? 

You can get one online. There are a few different options:
– Rectangular Pizza Stone For Oven Baking & BBQ Grilling With Free Wooden Peel (here)
– Pizza Steel PRO by Hans Grill (here)
– Hans Grill Pizza Stone PRO XL Baking Stone For Pizzas use in Oven, Grill or BBQ FREE Long Handled Anodised Aluminium Pizza Peel (here)

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